Science Week

Science Week

Junior Infants

Junior Infants conducted an experiment to ascertain at what temperature does chocolate go from a solid to a liquid.

Junior Infants conducted a 2nd experiment to celebrate science week. They made lemonade. They learned that when you mix lemon juice and baking soda together the reaction gives off carbon dioxide which produces bubbles.

Senior Infants

Senior Infants celebrated Science Week by conducting an experiment on "Floating Eggs"

First & Second Class

As part of Science Week 1st & 2nd class were learning about the effects of oil spillage on sea life. Their experiment as to find out if oil and water mix. They added a tablet that produced carbon dioxide to achieve a "Lava Lamp" effect.

Bridge Designers and Engineers

Senior Infants had great fun working collaboratively as engineers designing and building bridges. They had to design and build a bridge that was stable and strong enough to carry the weight of their toy cars! Each group did an amazing job.

Junior Infants were set a challenge to engineer a troll proof bridge for the three billy goats. They researched information about the trolls and learned that trolls have phobias of snakes and spiders. They were divided into 3 groups and designed their bridges using junk art materials remembering to add spiders and snakes to the bridges.

Caoimhe in 2nd class designed and constructed a wonderful bridge for Science Week (pictured below)

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What a great week we had working with 2D shapes and Maths Trails!
Senior Infants showed their creative skills as they painted their Autumn Trees.
Senior Infants were busy working on the theme of "The Witches' Den" in Aistear this month.
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